• Radar survey of migratory birds at Baltic Sea - The long-tailed duck (Clangula hyemalis). Photo by Artur Niemczyk

    The 3Bird Radar System automatically detects birds and bats at open sea. Radar equipment are placed on board ships. The system adapts to the heights of the sea waves. The automatic detection of flight tracks is very much appreciated by marine ornithologists. Compliant with Standard Investigation of the Impacts Of Offshore Wind Turbines On the Marine Environment (StUK4).

  • 3 Bird Radar System - fall bird migration - profile of flights altitude

    Radar technology has been used in ornithological research for decades. The 3Bird Radar System automatically detects and records birds and bats, providing accurate information on behaviour, distribution and flight patterns of any airborne biological targets. Our team can assist universities, research institutes, statutory agencies and NGO’s in conducting bird monitoring programmes and ornithological research.  

  • 3 Bird Radar System - radar research of migration of bird and bats at airport in Poland

    Bird detection radar can be a vital part of aviation safety information systems at any airport, big or small. With real-time target detection and tracking, the 3Bird Radar System can alert the airport operator of hazardous bird activity, thus minimising the risk of aircraft collision with birds. For any new developments, the avian radar assessment will provide important insight into how local bird populations utilise the airspace around a proposed airport and its associated infrastructure.

  • 3 Bird Radar System - bird radar research at wind farm area in Poland

    The 3Bird Radar System is an exceptional tool in assessing the potential risk of proposed energy projects on the local avifauna. Our experts are highly experienced in carrying out pre-construction bird monitoring to identify the potential risks associated with developments, such as wind farms and grid infrastructure projects. The results of this radar monitoring can play an important part in proposing effective mitigation measures, where necessary. On operational sites, our radar can also be used for post-construction monitoring, to assess any impacts these developments may have had on the local bird and bat populations.

  • 3 Bird Radar System - Ornithological research in Odra valley

    The 3Bird Radar System utilises state-of-the-art bird detecting technology designed by a Dutch company called Robin Radar Systems. We can deploy our radar anywhere in Europe, for both short-term projects and long-term bird monitoring programmes. Whatever your project, the radar team from 3Gsc would love to hear from you so we can help you discover the phenomenon of bird movements as you have never seen it before!