• Team

  • Co-owners of 3Bird Radar System and 3Gsc company

  • Krzysztof Gajko


    +48 783367409

    Krzysztof is trained in teledection and photogrammetry and is an environmental protection and GIS (Geographic Information System) specialist. He gained these skills while studying at the Bialystok University of Technology and the Military Technical Academy. Following completion of his higher education, Krzysiek became involved in the implementation of modern laser scanning techniques (LIDAR) in environmental protection and forestry. In 2010, along with Jacek and Marek Ksepko, he founded the company 3Gsc, where he continued to develop practical applications for object-oriented spatial data classification techniques (OBIA - Object-oriented Image Analysis). In 2012, his passion for nature and teledection led him and the 3Gsc company to initiate creation of the 3Bird Radar System, which is based on the most modern, global radar solutions supplied by the company ROBIN Radar System.

  • Jacek Ksepko


    +48 531906026

    Jacek is a specialist in databases, spatial analyses in the GIS (Geographic Information System) environment, and the publication of GIS data in the form of web services. He graduated from the Automation and Robotics Faculty at Bialystok Technical University. After graduation, in the years 1998 - 2014, first as a GIS specialist and then as Head of the IT and Cartography Department and Chief Technologist at the Forest Management and Geodesy Bureau, he implemented the application of GIS systems in nature conservation and forestry. He has also worked with specialist teams as a GIS expert for environmental protection. In 2010, together with Krzysztof Gajko and Marek Ksepko, he founded the company 3Gsc. Since 2012, he has been responsible for its database system, and development of spatial and statistical analyses within the 3Bird Radar System. He is also a passionate musician.