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  • From 31 December 2018, Marek Ksepko left the ranks of our company. Marek, thank you for your cooperation!

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    New service is now available – Bird radar survey of migratory birds at sea

    The 3Bird Radar System automatically detects birds and bats at open sea. Radar equipment are placed on board ships. The system adapts to the heights of the sea waves. The automatic detection of flight routes is very much appreciated by marine ornithologists. Compliant with Standard Investigation of the Impacts Of Offshore Wind Turbines On the Marine Environment (StUK4). Photos by Artur [...]

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    Radar study of geese wintering in western Scotland

    This November, the team from 3Bird Radar System is conducting a radar study of geese wintering in western Scotland. The aim of the study is to map the flight paths of geese during their daily commute between different roosting and foraging sites. The goose flight behaviour on wintering grounds changes depending on weather conditions, availability of food resource and time of the year, and geese [...]

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